Nip The Depression In Bud By Coping And Curbing Depression With Better Understanding

A sound mental and physical state is ideal for everyone. Unfortunately, the psychological diseases are trending nowadays. One critical disease is the curse of depression. Depression is grave mental health disorder very common in the 21st-century human. A depressive state or episode remains for at least 6-8 months on average.

In many countries, the disease is taken very lightly and considered normal state specifically in the east. According to World Health Organization (WHO) 350 million people are affected by depression globally. It is considered as one of most common illness worldwide.

Troubled teens and sad people are terms getting popular in modern societies. There are multiple factors that contribute to depression from diet to environment, sleep, personality and much more.

In pursuit of a progressive society, it is the responsibility of people to help each other. Any one best friend or family member could be suffering from the depression gradually. Look around and reach them for help. In this article symptoms and tips for coping with depression are going to be shared.

Major Symptoms of depression are following:

Signs and symptoms of depression fall in a quadrant of four factors.



Following are symptoms are relatable to above-mentioned factors.

  • Decreased energy and fatigue state.
  • Pessimism and bad mood state.
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of sleep and over eating or less appetite for food
  • Sad behavior for longer period of time
  • Pains inform of a headache and muscles
  • Lack of interest in activities
  • Preoccupied with suicidal thoughts
  • Drastic switch in overall behavior

Following 6 tips for countering the threat of depression:

Preventing Isolation: During the depressed state, many people listen to the inner voice of isolating themselves. The thoughts are common. Consult a friend and try to place yourself in a social atmosphere to turn around the things. Talk to friends and family about the prevailing issue.

Find people with the same interest or common ground and discuss the problem. Don’t let these thoughts to single you out from the rest of society. Socializing with positive people and friends gradually lift up the spirits.

Exercise: Exercise is termed as a great catharsis of the body. Many people who frequently take part in exercise have always positive state of mood. The exercise helps in rewiring the brain in a positive way.

Start with small exercise gradually and find exercise partners. It is a purification of body and releases the anxiety and stress levels.

Changing the Environment: Some times the current routine turns boring and sad if continued over a longer period of time. Put yourself out of the comfort box and try new things. Learn a language or volunteer for NGO.

Take Help for Depression: Most of the people suffering from depression are afraid of taking help. In some cultures, it is not even considered a disease and people form a stigma for people suffering from it. Reach out to therapist, family, and friends and seek help.

Pet Therapy: Pet therapy is trending way in curbing the depression. Interaction with pets instills a feeling of love and happiness. In progressive countries, pets are an important part of daily life.

Eating Healthy:  Depressed people find the comfort in food and excess weight. Limit the consumption of refined sugar and carbs. Eat more nuts, fish, and seeds. According to latest studies diet contributes to psychological diseases.

Have a happy life free from the depression and anxiety with compassion for others!