Soft coccyx cushions for a comfortable seat

If you are in a job where you have to sit for all day long and suffering from a tailbone injury, the best option is to get a coccyx cushion to make your back free from pain. It helps you to get relieved from pain easily without any medications and other support. Prolonged sitting can cause pressure at pelvic bone and the result is different kinds of pain. It also helps you in keeping your legs free from strain and pain. There are many manufacturers in the market who sell their cushions online.

How to choose your coccyx cushion?

If you are new to these types of pain, then you might wonder about what factors the cushions must be chosen. There are a few key features you need to consider before buying the best cushion as follows

  • Shape: You can find many coccyx pillows of various sizes and shapes. The most common type of coccyx pillows is ‘V’ shaped and ‘U’ shaped. But it is more important to choose a cushion type that best suits you. The wrong type of cushion will make your problem even more badly.
  • Style: There are many styles of coccyx cushion is available. The different styles help in offering different support according to the body weight, shape and pressure points. The most common type of pillow styles is circular and donut shaped. These styled pillows have a hole in the middle of the cushion that helps in reducing pressure at the tailbone. The other popular type of coccyx cushion type is wedge cushions. If you are a travel freak, then you can go for inflatable cushions. From this, you can understand that every individual has different requirements and cushion style.
  • Material: Depending on the amount of money, you wish to invest on pillows; you can get different material pillows. The expensive ones are deluxe memory foam based or cushions having a standard cotton quality. If you are suffering from back pain after a tiring day at the office, then you can choose high-density foam coccyx cushion. Every pad suits different body and hence it is important to choose the cushion that suits your body.
  • Thickness: Some people like thicker pillows are a little uncomfortable for them to sit for a longer time. For those people, you can get little cushioning padded pillows.

While purchasing a coccyx cushion pillow, you might come across various factors like size, shape, padding material and so on. It is best to consult your doctor before buying the pillow.



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