A to Z details of the Singles Day and why the day is very popular

“Going for shopping” – these three words are definitely the most pleasant words to the shopaholics which most of the women are. It is the era of feminism and men also love to go shopping but this is mostly the women kind of stuff. Shopping is a hobby that gives inner satisfaction and unlimited joy. Shopping has always a passion and a demand which is a good sign of business. As a result, many shopping stores, buildings, and malls are being created more and more worldwide and the number is increasing rapidly.

What is Singles Day

If you are not committed, if you are not in a relationship, if you are single then feel proud that there is a dedicated day in the world that meant for only the single ones and it is known as the singles day”. 11th November of every year is celebrated as the singles day or anti-valentines day. There are four ones (11-11) in the date and that is why it is celebrated with this special spirit. It was started in 1990 as “anti-valentine’s day” and later it became a thing for the singles and today it is celebrated as the “singles day”.

The relation of singles day and shopping

Started in 2009, a famous Chinese online shopping site launched products with great deals between October and Christmas time and they noticed that the sale was really high on the time of November. After two years on the same date, 11 – 11 – 11, the sales figure of the site stays really high that it was called the “Singles Day of the century” as there was six number of ones which stated the singles and not the couples and also the sale of that e-commerce site was really huge on the day. The next year on the same day the sale became even bigger than the previous year. Then the e-commerce site decided to give good discounts on the singles dayand the shopping situation stays really on top on that day. That is how the singles day became related to the high and crowded shopping days.

Black Friday and Singles Day

“Black Friday” is known as the next Friday after the “thanksgiving day” and it is celebrated as a special shopping day of the year where the sales figure of the business stays really high too, like the “singles day”. On that Friday, people do shopping and the road, shops become filled with crowds just like the “Singles Day”. The situation and purpose of both of these days are quite identical and the “Black Friday” can really be compared with the “Singles Day”.

The Singles day is a Chinese thing and definitely has an importance in the country, especially for the single ones. Single people celebrate the day by doing shopping and enjoying with a company filled with joy.

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